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This is the old North Sea Gas Website. For up to date info, please use the official URL at



This is the *old* North Sea Gas Homepage.

Please use the official URL for up-to-date information.


North Sea Gas are Dave Gilfillan, Ronnie MacDonald and Grant Simpson.


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When bookmarking this site, be sure to use the official URL: https://www.northseagas.co.uk. Thanks!

If you would like to book NSG for a venue near you please get in touch with Dave (see details below).

What's new in News: Dave's Diary (posted by dave)

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Booking details
To book North Sea Gas in Europe please contact Dave Gilfillan at northseagas@blueyonder.co.uk
Phone: +44(0)7961 612935
To book North Sea Gas in the U. S. or Canada, please contact Linda Zelenski (booknsg@comcast.net)
phone 508-410-1872

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