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Williamsburg, Virginia
2017-04-29, 22:32:17
I work at the library in Williamsburg, Virginia, where you played a concert back in October of 2016. I had just started planning a trip to Scotland, so getting to see the band was wonderful! Imagine my surprise when I checked your calendar for May, and saw that we'll be in Inverness the same night you're playing at Hootananny! Can't wait!
Paul Seligman
2017-02-15, 16:50:36
A few clips from recent Cardiff performance at Dempseys are at: https://youtu.be/eJMHcWiL6Go
Jo Walton
nr Birmingham
2017-02-10, 19:34:46
We were so sorry to miss your gig at The Garden Kitchen...we were so looking forward to seeing you again (from way back at The Coylumbridge Hotel/ Sled dog racers) ...one of our dogs was taken very ill so we had a very poorly dog back from the vet on Tuesday morning so had to stay home to care for her....glad to say her is back on track.....hope to see you at some point in the future....
Kirkpatrick Hill
kirkpatrickhill @ gmail.com
2016-12-31, 17:19:05
Your song, Sonny's Dream, has haunted me for years, maybe because our original home is on the Yukon, very isolated, tiny village, and though Sonny's dilemma could never be repeated there because no one I ever knew would be so unselfish as Sonny..anyway, I'm a writer and I'm convinced that there's a true story behind your song. Can you tell it?
Rob Jones
2016-12-14, 13:29:51
Just want to wish the brilliant North Sea Gas a great Xmas and New Year. Look forward to seeing you again next year in the Hannover area!
J. Wilson
Atlanta, GA
2016-11-29, 14:15:16
Great to see the band online, David. I was one of your followers at Platform One in the Fall of 1986 when I was at Edinburgh University. Sounds better than ever!
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