Edinburgh Toon. (words and music D. Gilfillan)

T’was tae Edinburgh toon frae the heilands that I came

To prosper in business Calum Ross was my name

In a fine house in the Canongate I took myself a room

midst the titled and the gentry of Edinburgh Toon

With a letter of introduction and small amount of gold

It was my about to make my mark I was young and I was bold

I flattered the lady’s and I made fun with the gents

soon my presence was requested to all the fine events

But I tired o’ the gentry being a lad o’ the land 

the dining and the wining it all became so bland

I started roving out to the Cowgate and West Port

Bad behaviour and bad company I started to court

Down in the howff’s there was music there was fun

And I soon became acquainted with the ale and the rum

Midst the frolicking and gambling by fate or just by chance

It was there that we met “how we laughed how we danced”


She riled me she beguiled me she robbed me of my sense

She teased me she pleased me I had no defence

I was lost like a fool I didn’t even care

O that wild gypsy child with the long raven hair

I knew from the first she’d be the ruin of me 

Her form was firm and perfect her hair was wild and free

As I lay down beside her night after night

She drank of my spirit and she took all my fight

Being weakened by the drink being drained of my soul

I was lost in a half world I was out of control

And the money that I squandering was not of my own

It belonged to the Laird it was only a loan

To Mary Kings close for rooming we upped and we went

Fleeing my fine lodgings for fear of the rent 

She taught me all the sleekit ways of show to steal a purse

On the day that I met the girl I was surly cursed

So the thieving an the robbing it soon became our way

We were out about our evil work by night and every day

But we would gamble our spoil if not we’d drink it dry

As we became more desperate as each day went by


So down by the west bow on a dreich wintry night

Was there a drunken merchant came into our sight

We would rob him of his money and things we could exchange

In that moment of madness my life would be changed

Well I hit him to hard that’s easy now to tell

For he staggered fell and died by the old bow well

She snatched his money bag and took off like a Hare

I was wrestled to the Ground and taken then and there

Now I’m rotting away in the old tollbooth cell

In the vile dark and damp with rats straight from hell

Being fed on nothing more than water and some bread

Found guilty of murder I’ll be hung until I’m dead

In my dreams every night I still see her smile

O’ god save the man who meets that devil’s own child

I wish I had stayed amongst the heather and the broom

Far far away from old Edinburgh toon

Doonie Burn.

Doonie Burn (Words and music D. Gilfillan)


Where Donnie burn brak’s o’re the lee

Where it’s waters run baith clear and free

Ti’s there I wish and lang tae be

With my Ain true love who waits for me


We saw the small birds on the wing

And heard them joyfully sing

As they called in the days of spring

The morning air did ring


Was there I spent such happy hour

With you my fairest flo’er

The lang warm summer days o’ grace

We spent in loves sweet embrace


I rue the day I kissed your hand 

And left your fathers land

I vowed my fortune I would find

Marched of to war sae young sae blind


I fought wi ah the courage true

So I’d return to you

But I fell amidst the battles roar

On Flodden’s field of blood and gore


Our times have past but there’s times tae come

There’s things that will be done

It is by the lords own decree

I cannot spend that time with thee

Back On The Road

Back on The Road (words and music D.Gilfillan)

With your sweet words you stole my heart

But I should have known right from the start

That you would tear my world apart “my love”

Heaven knows you made me cry

I cross my heart and I hope to die

Never thought we could say goodbye “My love”


Oh it’s good to be moving on

There ain’t no moss on this rolling stone

I’m back on the road where I belong again

I guess I’m not the settling kind

Im leaving all your lies behind

Your out of sight and your out of my mind “My love”

This crazy world goes round and round

And I don’t know just where I’m bound

So send my mail to the lost and found “My love”


Oh it’s good to be moving on

There ain’t no moss on this rolling stone

I’m back on the road where I belong again

Oh the road is long it just goes on and on and on and on

There’s friends to keep and there’s friends to lose

So I’ll be careful when I chose

Ain’t staying here to be abused “My Love”

And as I go I’ll wave goodbye 

No breaking heart no wrenched sigh

For I won’t be the one who’ll cry “My love”


Oh it’s good to be moving on

There ain’t no moss on this rolling stone

I’m back on the road where I belong again

I should have known right from the start

You’d be the one to break my heart

You’ve gone and torn my world apart “My love”

Double Chorus

Oh it’s good to be moving on

There ain’t no moss on this rolling stone

I’m back on the road where I belong again

Oh the road is long it just goes on and on and on and on

The Fields O Rosslyn

The Fields O’ Rosslyn (Words and music D. Gilfillan)


There came the word, they were abroad 

Segrave had crossed the border

We’ll ride through the night and give them fight

John Comyn gave the order

They found their foe near the riverside

Asleep perhaps a dreaming 

Fraser led his men into the charge

Their battle cries a screaming



Three times they fought Three times they won

Thrice claimed the day at Rosslyn 

Rosslyn Rosslyn 

Thrice claimed the day at Rosslyn


Then they heard the cry “they come again” 

So stand readied for the fight

Take up your swords your bows and spears

And face the English might

On Langhill brae they made their stand 

As Neville joined the field 

But the Scottish bows dealt them deadly blows 

And the English army reeled 


They turned to the north to flee the bows

As they ran and rode in terror

They became entrapped by the burns steep banks 

And there began the slaughter

It was hand to hand as the battle raged 

They fought with sword and dagger 

With so many dead the burn ran red 

In the deathly hellish clamour 


Blooded and weary o’ the fray 

When sir Mantons force drew near 

When they knelt and bowed their heads to pray.

A fiery cross appeared 

Though English charge was fierce and bold

With new hearts the Scots were driven

And they pushed and slashed and hewed them down

No quarter asked or given 


They slew their captives some do say 

When Sir Manton joined the game 

The Douglas fought on the that day 

many voices make that claim 

But we know for sure that the day was won 

By Fraser, St Clair and the Comyn 

Segrave he fled but the rest lay dead 

On the bloody fields o Rosslyn 


Chorus : Then Round up below.

So charge your glass let your voices sing 

Thrice claimed the day at Rosslyn