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27 Replies to “Guestbook”

  1. The song Broom o’ the Cowdenknowes touches my heart so deeply. It is a beautiful song, played and sung magnificently. Though it has nothing to do with introspection, it takes me there into the depths of my soul. It blocks out all the unimportant things. The noise of life. Thank you for sharing your talent for many years and especially for this song.

  2. Hello Dave,Ronnie and Grant, Warm greetings from graz I hope to see you again in Graz-Kalvarienberg, when it will be possible to travel again and perform live due to a vaccination against Corona. Stay healthy

  3. My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing you perform at The Lincoln Theater in Marion, VA, USA, about 10 years ago. We still talk about it. You were my personal favorite performance. At the time, we lived in an apartment over the theater. I saw you eating breakfast at Handsome Molly’s and tried my darndest to get down the stairs and across the street to annoy you by telling you how much we liked the show. Si, I’m telling you, now.

  4. It’s a topsy turvy world at the moment. Normally I would have come to your November concert in Thuringia, Germany. Your music cannot change the situation, but the application of a daily dose of it is a perfect remedy for pessimistic spirits. Therefore stay healthy and safe.

  5. Hello lads,
    autumn/winter is a bit unspecific concerning your 40th aniversary. So if you think I’m too early don’t read on and wait until it’s time 😉

    Happy Birthday! Stay healthy and keep on touring the next 40 years or so.
    Lang may yer lum reek!

  6. Hello Dave, Mac and Grant!
    We miss your performances…! In April you would normally have been in the Görlitzer Pub.
    We sang and danced to your CD’s at home that day, had set up a small bar,
    we celebrated the joy of life (our neighbours were warned).
    Hope all of you are fine and that we will be able to hear you live again soon.
    Stay calm and humorous. Greatings by Steffi with family

  7. Hi everyone from Austria! My husband and i are huge fans of you! We saw you the first time in Gairloch a few years ago and it was awesome. We are listening to your music whenever we are able to (most of the time in the car). We hope to see you soon! Stay safe!

  8. First time we saw you guys was Fair Hill Maryland Celtic Festival years ago. Have most of your CD’s. Enjoy them all. Don

  9. I first saw NSG at Platform 1 in Edinburgh on Saturday nights. I was a young 30 year old yank working in Fife for 20 months. Great times when the band was performing. I still have the original NSG record album.
    Fast forward to about 2005 and I attended a concert in Woodbridge, NJ with that original album. David got a good laugh and showed the band his picture with hair. (Same for me with the hair!)
    I have retired but David is still going.
    I picked up the Dark Island CD and my teen son liked it. Your music speaks to many generations. Will look for a future concert. May have to wait till after Covid. Tom

  10. Hope all of you all are ok. Miss you on stage. What about a Concert-DVD or BlueRay?
    Regards , Felix

  11. Great band! Only one problem: after I hear your version of a song, it can spoil me for listening to anyone else performing it

  12. Hi, guys! Hope you’re all keeping well. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you’re back in the States. I’d love to see a vid of you doing There’s A Long Long Trail A-Winding as of all the versions I’ve seen/heard, yours is by far the best. But I can’t find anything anywhere. My wife and I first heard it on the Rolling Home CD that we bought when you played the Sleepy Hollow Folk Club in Virginia a few years back, and wondered why you hadn’t actually performed it that night. It’s amazing! Anyway, Haste Ye Back!

  13. Congratulations on your new website! I do like the lyrics section but miss an index.
    I’m looking forward to the day you’re touring again and hope we’ll see each other again in Peine this autumn.
    Health to you

  14. Very professional web-site, Congratulations. I have been a great fan of North Sea Gas since the very beginning and used to talk to the band between sets in venues such as the Caledonian Hotel (Platform 1 Bar) where I was a very regular customer with my brothers Gus & Sandy and a few friends. (Dave may remember me often requesting ‘The Green Fields of France’)! Just the other day, I was listening to my vinyl album “Spirit of the Banished” kindly autographed by Dave, Wally & Colin. Many years ago North Sea Gas kindly accepted my request to play a Charity Folk Concert putting on a fantastic full show with backdrops, costumes and lighting – Bill Barclay also excelled! Good luck for the future lads!

  15. Hi Dave, Mac and Grant, thinking of you as we listen to lots of great Northsea Gas music in Istanbul during lockdown. Hopefully we can get you here again at some point. Keep safe and Take care from us both, Jonathan and Juay.

  16. Excellent, glad to see the new website up and running. Looking fantastic and lots of great info and samples.. I hope it gets you out to an even wider audience… although if you get more popular remember me when I want tickets to your gigs
    Really glad to see you at the Old Forge before all this lockdown stuff happened..
    Stay safe and see you again next tour or if I get up to Edinburgh sometime
    Best wishes

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