Welcome to the Bands new Website.

“Welcome to our official new, exciting and updated website. “A BIG THANK YOU” goes out to our Webmaster Uwe in Germany for all his hard work and dedication, both past and present, also to Brian Wong in the U.S. for his additional contributions during this time and beyond.   During those twenty plus years there have been several upgrades but this is the biggest and best yet! We’ve added some new features that we hope you’ll all enjoy exploring like a lyrics page, a new look to our calendar, and, of course, our new YouTube page. Uwe in Germany and Linda in the U.S. have been working on pictures, and I have been working to bring things up to date and to do some tweaking as we go. I hope you enjoy looking around and keep your eyes open for new additions as we add things down the road. And, as always, we and the band look forward to seeing you all soon somewhere along the way.” 

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