Tartan Plaidie ( Gordon Menzies)

Will ye come awa lad in the mornin early

Will ye come awa wi me and fight for the bonnie Charlie


Hie awa tae the hills lad leave yer bonnie lady

Fight for Scotlands rightful king . for the kilt and the tartan Pladie.


Will ye wear a white cockade in your bonnet proudly

Will ye fight like a Heiland lad when the cannon thunder loudly


Will ye weep or will ye moan if yer wounded sairly

Or will ye stand and fight alone and bravely die for Charlie


Will ye cow-tow tae Sassenach rule and sodjers clad in scarlet

Will ye cow-tow tae a German fool and his ill-begotten harlot.


though centuries may come and go the cause is not forsaken

His ghost will rouse the hill and glen and Scotland reawaken.

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