The Alamo. (J. Bowers)

And a hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die
By the line that he drew with his sword as the battle was nigh
Heed not who crossed over the line was for glory
He that would live, better fly
And over the line crossed a hundred and seventy nine


Hey Santa Anna, we’re killing your soldiers below!
That men, wherever they go will remember the Alamo

Jim Bowie lay dying, but his blood and his powder were dry
His knife at the ready to kill a few in reply
Young David Crockett was laughing and dying
With blood sweat tears in his eyes
For Texas and for freedom, a man more than willing to die

A courier came to the battle once bloody and loud
And found only skin and bones where he once left a crowd
“Fear not little darling, of dying, if the world is sovereign and free
For we’ll fight to last for as long as liberty be.

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