Mally Leigh (Trad)


And were a’ gain east and west

We’re a’ gaun aye a glee

We’re a’ gaun east and west

A courtin Mally Leigh


When Mally Leigh cam doon the streets

Her petticoats did flee

she cast a look behind her

Tae see her negligee


And a along the Canongate

There’s beau o’ ilk degree

And mony’s a lads turned aroond

Tae look at bonnie Mally Leigh


A the lassies in the Coo-gate

Comb doon their yellow hair

The lassies in the Canongate

They sing forever mair


But woe be tae the rovin lad

That sings sae ranting ‘ noo

And woe be tae the sailor lad

That fills a lassie fu’


O the lassies in the Canongate

They are a wondrous nice

They winna gie a single kiss

but for a double price


Here’e a health untae the rantin lads

Along the banks O’ Forth

Who poach the Turnet oyster beds

For a that they are worth.