I’m A Rover. ( Trad)

I’m a rover, seldom sober, I’m a rover of high degree,
It’s when I’m drinkin’, I’m always thinkin’ how to gain my love’s company.

There’s ne’er a night I’m going tae ramble, there’s ne’er a night I’m going tae roam,
There’s ne’er a night I’m going tae ramble, intae the airms of me ain true love.

Though the night be as dark as dungeon, not a star can be seen above,
I’ll take the road there without a stumble, into the arms of my own true love.

I crept up to her bedroom window, leaning gently upon a stone,
I whispered softly through her bedroom window: “My darling dear must ye lie alane”

She raised her head from her down soft pillow, wi’ her arms around her breasts,
Says: “Who is that at my bedroom window disturbing me at my long night’s rest?”

Pray open the door my own true lover pray open door and let me in,
For I have come on a long night’s journey, and I’m near drenched to the skin.”

She opened the door without a murmer, she opened the door and she let me in,
They kissing inside and embraced each other, until the morning they lay as yin.

The day was dawning the cock was calling’, the birds were whistling’, in every tree

Farewell my true love for I must leave you for the long night has turned to day.