Broadford Bay ( C. Ramage)

  • The timeless tides are sweeping
  • On the shores of Broadford Bay
  • A quiet heart is waiting
  • For the dawning of the day
  • How bright the orange sunrise
  • As the darkness fades away

Here we are you and I
On the bonnie Isle o’ Skye
Together walking in the morning sun

The restless clouds are drifting
The sunlight breakin’ through
To dance upon the diamonds
Of the early mornin dew
And soft the happy whisper
As I walk along with you

The calmness of the cuiillins
They slumber at their ease
Once more we walk together
At last a day of peace
And breaking through the silence comes
The call of homing geese

And now the summer’s fading
Farewell to broadford bay
A journey now is over
We must be on our way
And like the geese that leave you
We’ll be back again some day