As I Walked Out (Trad)

As I roved out on a May morning,
On a May morning quite early,
It’s there I met my 0wn true love
But lord she was early.


And she sang lithie adoda lithie adoda lithie adoda alee 

And she hidle daloppa dee she hidaloppa dee and see landed


Her hair was black her stockings white

and her buckles shone like silver

She had a dark and a roving eye

And her earrings tipped her shoulder


I went to the house on the top of the hill 

whe the moon was shining clearly

And she arose to let me in 

But her mother chanced to hear me


She caught her by the hair of her head

And down to the room she brought her

And by the root of a hazel twig

She was a well beat daughter


Will ye marry me now me soldier lad

Will ye marry me now or never

Marry me now me soldier lad 

For you see I’m done forever


I can’t marry you me bonnie wee lass

I can’t marry you nae never

For I have got a wife at home 

And how csn I disown her


Now a pint at night is my delight
And a gallon in the morning.
The old women are my heartbreak
But the young ones are my darling.