Having A Bit Tonight (Trad)

Tonight I am so happy tonight I am so gay

Me mothers got a rolly polly pudding on the way

I saw her put the currents in the suet and the fat 

Tonight we’re having spotted dick what do you think of that


For I’m having a bit tonight I’m having a bit tonight

Me mother say’s I must be quick to get me bit of spotted Dick

I like me rolly Polly It fills me wi delight 

I hav’ne had it since Easter but I’m having a bit tonight


nite nite nite diddle it tite tite


There is me uncle Billy and me auntie Nell 

Then there is the girl nextdoor she likes a bit as well

Then there’s me old grandad he’s really very tough

Although he’s nearly ninety he’s a bugger for his Duff


Then there is me girl friend she is a lovely girl

Her hair is like the waving corn her teeth as white as pearl

There’s only one thing wrong with her she is’nt very fat

Tonight she’s getting spotted dick what do you think of that


Well me mothers rolly polly it is the very best

It really fills yer belly and puts hairs apon your chest

So if your feeling poorly or if your feeling sick

there’s nothing better for you than a bit so spotted dick