The Fields O Rosslyn

The Fields O’ Rosslyn (Words and music D. Gilfillan)


There came the word, they were abroad 

Segrave had crossed the border

We’ll ride through the night and give them fight

John Comyn gave the order

They found their foe near the riverside

Asleep perhaps a dreaming 

Fraser led his men into the charge

Their battle cries a screaming



Three times they fought Three times they won

Thrice claimed the day at Rosslyn 

Rosslyn Rosslyn 

Thrice claimed the day at Rosslyn


Then they heard the cry “they come again” 

So stand readied for the fight

Take up your swords your bows and spears

And face the English might

On Langhill brae they made their stand 

As Neville joined the field 

But the Scottish bows dealt them deadly blows 

And the English army reeled 


They turned to the north to flee the bows

As they ran and rode in terror

They became entrapped by the burns steep banks 

And there began the slaughter

It was hand to hand as the battle raged 

They fought with sword and dagger 

With so many dead the burn ran red 

In the deathly hellish clamour 


Blooded and weary o’ the fray 

When sir Mantons force drew near 

When they knelt and bowed their heads to pray.

A fiery cross appeared 

Though English charge was fierce and bold

With new hearts the Scots were driven

And they pushed and slashed and hewed them down

No quarter asked or given 


They slew their captives some do say 

When Sir Manton joined the game 

The Douglas fought on the that day 

many voices make that claim 

But we know for sure that the day was won 

By Fraser, St Clair and the Comyn 

Segrave he fled but the rest lay dead 

On the bloody fields o Rosslyn 


Chorus : Then Round up below.

So charge your glass let your voices sing 

Thrice claimed the day at Rosslyn

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