Doonie Burn.

Doonie Burn (Words and music D. Gilfillan)


Where Donnie burn brak’s o’re the lee

Where it’s waters run baith clear and free

Ti’s there I wish and lang tae be

With my Ain true love who waits for me


We saw the small birds on the wing

And heard them joyfully sing

As they called in the days of spring

The morning air did ring


Was there I spent such happy hour

With you my fairest flo’er

The lang warm summer days o’ grace

We spent in loves sweet embrace


I rue the day I kissed your hand 

And left your fathers land

I vowed my fortune I would find

Marched of to war sae young sae blind


I fought wi ah the courage true

So I’d return to you

But I fell amidst the battles roar

On Flodden’s field of blood and gore


Our times have past but there’s times tae come

There’s things that will be done

It is by the lords own decree

I cannot spend that time with thee

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