Black Black Gold.

Black Black Gold. (Words and music D. Gilfillan)

In days gone bye when you went to sea 

And you said goodbye on the Aberdeen Quay

The only harvest you could reap

Was the Silver darlings from the deep


through the wind and rain and snow and sleet

comes the greatest harvest from the deep 

form the North sea so cruel and cold

comes the treasure called the black black gold

For ten long years at Cruden bay 

The oil keeps coming home each day

From a place the call the forties field

From the man made islands made of steel

From the divers in the murky gloom

To those who working with the broom

The riggers the flyers all one team

All part of a well oiled machine

Far from the mainland out of sight

Like an out stretched arm with all its might

For a nation torn with trouble and strife

Like blood from the heart it’s giving life.

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