Mission Hall

THE MISSION HALL.   ( Peter Livingstone)


And when your walking the London river

When you’re strolling down the Mall

Nightshift ends in a Soho bar room

Think on back to the Mission Hall.

Winters creepin’ across the sea now

Rain it’s freezing on the wall

Doos and sparrows by the chimney

On the roof of the Mission Hall


Oh summer days and smiling faces

Waiting for the night to fall

Making eyes and saving wages 

For the dance at the Mission Hall

Ah when I saw her, well I could have hugged her

Eyes so young wi’ a kindly brow

Breaking hearts with foolish glances 

Breaking lives with foolish vows


Well they say that the sweetest kisses 

Surely hide the darkest souls 

And for all that her lovin’ was tender 

Her heart was black as the winter coal

Well she saved the fare for the train to Euston 

Bought a round and shot the craw 

Blew a kiss and blessed the baby

Broke my heart to see her go 


Well Fortune cheats when Fortune gambles 

Makes you walk when you can’t crawl 

Fortune pulled a blindewr on me 

By the shade of the Mission Hall.

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