Classy Lassie . ( words & music Dave Gilfillan.)

She really is a beauty queen 

a right wee cracking stoater

And every day I pinch myself 

cause I cannie believe I’ve got her

We’er walking out noo every night 

sometimes tae the pictures

And ah ma mates are asking me 

does she have any sisters


She’s a classy lassie wi a slim line chassis

I really think she’s braw

When we went out walking and we started talking 

She stole my heart awa

Classy lassie wi the slim line Chassis 

I’ve been invited tae her house 

To meet her mother and father

She’s told me to behave myself

And no tae start and haver

Watch my p’s and Q’s what knife to use

And dinna start nae bother

But I widna be sae bloody daft 

She’s got a bruiser for a brother

I knew that she fancied me

The day she slapped my lug

A love her using ma pet name

She always calls me plug

I’ve lost ah interest in fitba 

Ma pals they laugh and giggle

But I’m no playing darts or pool

I’m playing slap and tickle.

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