Ain’t It A Beauty. (Cliff Ferre.)

There aren’t many men as lucky as me to have one as long as mine

The thing is as old as I am but still it’s doing fine 

Many’s a time I was afraid It was going on the blink

But after careful scrutiny it proved to be in the pink


I always treat it carefully never leave it hanging about

And everytime I use it I remember to shake it out

And sometimes when I use it and I hold it in the air

I instructed me wife to handle it with tender love and care



Oo-o-oh ain’t it a beauty I have used it proudly all me life                            

Oo-o-oh ain’t it a beauty and if you don’t believe me ask me wife


Danny O’Toole came over one day, he couldn’t believe what he heard

Mine was bigger than his was he didn’t believe a word

I bet him a pound I took him outside I laid it on the street 

He couldn’t believe his eyes it was nearly a hundred feet


Last summer when I was out of work to idle away the hours

I used it in the neighbourhood to water the neighbours flowers

A met a young lass who needed it bad, she use it for a week

And though abused for days on end it never sprang a leak


I use it in the summer time I use it in the fall

It’s just around about the springtime I use it most of all

I use it in December on a cold and wintry day

I wrote me name in a snow bank a half a block away


I must admit it hasn’t been used in three or four months or more

But it’s hanging there and it’s ready as it ever was before

And if the good lord’s willing I’ll be using it for years

It’s the best length of garden hose ever sold by Sears 


Oo-o-oh ain’t it a beautyall the fellas envy my technique                            

Oo-o-oh ain’t it a beautyThey hate me every time they take a peek

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