The Battle Of Harlaw (Trad)

As I came in by Dunideer an doon by Netherhaw

There were fifty thoosand heilan men a marchin tae Harlaw

For we went on an further on and doon by Balquhain

Oh it’s there I saw Sir James the Rose and wi him John the Graeme


Singin diddy ay o an a fal an doe

and a diddy aye o aye ay

And did ye cam frae the heilans man and did ye cam ah the wey

And ye see MacDonalds and his men as they cam doon frae Skye

For a cam frae the heilans man and I cam ah the wey

And I saw MacDonald and his men and they marched dood frae Skye

Wis ye near and near eneuch and did their numbers see

Cam tell tae me ye heilan man what might their numbers be

I was near and near eneuch and I their numbers saw

There were fifty thousand heilan men a marchin tae Harlaw

Gin that be true says James the Rose we’ll no cam muckle speed

we’ll cry upon wir merry men and turn wir horse’s heid

Oh na o na says John the Graeme this can never be

The gallant Greames wis nivver beat we’ll try fit we can dai

Lord Forbes tae his brither did say “noo brither can’t ye see

They’ve beaten us back an ilka side and we’ll be forced tae flee”

“Oh na, o na” says John the Graeme “This thing will nivver be”

“ Ye’ll take yer gid sword in yer hand and ye’ll gang in we me”

Them that was brothers brave went in amongst the thrang

They swathed doon the heilan men wi swords baith sharp and lang

An’ the firstan stroke that the Forbes struck, he gart MacDonald reel

an’ the neistan stroke that Forbes struck , the brave MacDonald fell.

When the cry among the heilan men when they saw their leader fa

And when they saw that he wis dead they turned and ran awa.

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