Tae The Weavers Gin Ye Go (Trad)

My heart was ance as blyth and free

As Summer days were lang

But a bonnie westlin weaver lad

Has gart me change my song


Tae the weavers gin ye go fair maid

Tae the weaver’ gin ye go

I rede ye richt, gang ne’er at nicht 

Tae the weavers gin ye go


My mither sent me tae the toon

Tae warp a plaiden wab

But the weary weary warpin o’t

Has gart me sigh and sab


A bonnie weslin weaver lad

Sat workin at his loom

He took my heart as wi a net

In every knot a thrum


I sat beside my warpin-wheel

And ay I ca’d it roun

But every shot and every knock

My heart it gae a stoun.


The moon was sinkin in the west

Wi’ visage pale and wan

As my bonnie weslin weaver lad

convoy’d me thro the glen


But what was said or what was done

Shame fa’ me gin I tell

But Oh, I fear the kintra soon

Will ken as weel’s mysel.

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