Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go (Ian Sinclair)

Oh, this evening’s passed so quickly, 
And the music’s almost done; 
We’ve heard the piper and the fiddler, 
The singer and his song. 
The time has come for us to leave you; 
One last song before we go; 

So button up and aye be cheery 
Tak a dram afore ye go. 
Button up and aye be cheery, 
Tak a dram afore ye go.

For this night we will remember, 
And the music’s been just fine; 
But the cold, grey land of Caithness 
Can be cruel and unkind. 
We must bid fareweel and leave you; 
Travel through the ice and snow; 

So goodnight and God be with you . 
And watch over you until 
We can a’ meet here thegither, 
And our glasses we will refill. 
We’ll drink a health tae absent friends 
And make the beer and whisky flow, 

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