I Will Go. (Trad)


I will go, I will go when the fighting is over
To the land of Mcleod where I left to be a soldier,

I will go, I will go

When the King’s son came along,
He brought us altogether
Saying “Fine Highland men, you will fight for my father

I will go, I will go.

I’ve a buckle to my belt, a sword in the scabbard,
A red coat to my back and a shilling in my pocketĀ 

I will go I will go 

When they put us all on board the lassies they were singing

but the tears came to their eye’s when the bell started ringing

I will go I will go.

When we landed on that shore and saw the foreign heather
we knew that some would fall and would lie there forever 

I will go l will go.

When we came back to our glen the winter was turning
Our goods lay in the snow and our houses they were burning.

I will go I will go.

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