Too Far From She. (Ian Bruce.)

We lost it all in one fierce affray. 
I stood not to fight and just walked away. 
Now I regret, I did not delay 
Acting on feelings I held for a day. 

Fancy me, so fancy free. 
I’m so far from home, I’m way out at sea. 
That’s not the way I want it to be. 
I’m so far from home and 
Too Far From She. 

We sail with a crew of a hundred and more. 
So many good men, good humour in store. 
We drink in a crowd when we go ashore, 
But I’ve never felt so lonely before. 

Six months have gone since I let her go. 
Time will not stand the wind shall still blow. 
The seas must ever fall and grow. 
My world will still turn but ever so slow. 

Living this lie is a foolish game. 
I’ve written to say she’s not to blame. 
It crossed in the post with a letter that came. 
She’s written to say she feels the same.

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