I’m Looking For A Job. ( Matt McGinn)

cho: I’m looking for a job with a sky-high pay
A four day week and a two hour day
‘maybe it’s because I’m inclined that way
But I never did like being idle!

I don’t want glory and I don’t want fame
I left school with a modest aim
I went to the Labour Exchange for work
Here is what I sang to the wee broo clerk

Now that, says he, is a rare wee song
To come frae a lad so big and strong
Through the door on the left and take this card
You can sing to the gaffer down in Harland’s yard

I sang it to the gaffer but he thought me daft
I’ve never even heard such a horse’s laugh
He gathered around him all his men
And as one big choir, they sang then

Their voices rang o’er the riverside
And it became the song of the Clyde
Its words were heard the whole world round
And it was known as the Clydeside Sound

Extra verse from.NSG.

Well I found that job with the sky high pay

A four day week and a two hour day

I can’t believe my luck I’ve never had it so good

Now I’m a politician down in Holyrood !!

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