Shift And Spin. (Ewan McVicar)

Chorus (after each verse)

Shift and spin, warp and twine,
Makin’ thread coarse and fine;
Dreamin o’ yer Valentine
Workin in the mill

Keep yer bobbins runnin easy
Show ye’re gallus, bright and breezy
Waitin till Prince Charmin sees ye
Workin in the mill

Oil yer runners, mend yer thread
Do yer best until you’re dead
You wish you were a wife instead o
Workin in the mill

Used to dream you’d be the rage
Smilin on the fashion page
Never dreamt you’d be a wage slave
Workin in the mill

Used to think that life was kind
No it isn’t, never mind
Maybe some day love will find you
Workin in the mill

He loves you not? So what?
Make the best of what you’ve got
Win your pay, spin your cotton
Workin in the mill

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