Cairn O Mount. (Trad)

I left the banks o winding Dee and laughs o Bonnie green
Where birds sang blithe through ilka tree and flooers bloomed fair atween.
As I gaed down by brig o Dee just as the sun gaed doon,
A lassie sang sae merrily amang the heather broon.

CHORUS: Though Cairn o Mount is bleak and bare, and cauld is Clochnaben,
I’d rather meet my Donald there than be fair Scotland’s queen.

I jumpit off my dappled grey; I walked doon by her side.
Said, lassie, I hae lost my way amang yer muirs sae wide.
Yet leeze me o yer bonnie face, yer een sae bonnie blue.
The langest day I’d blithely spare(?) tae be alane wi you.

Bonnie Lassie gang wi me and leave this could rife glen

O’ a’ yir ken ye’ll hae degree, wi wealth baith butt an ben

In silks and satins, busket’s brae and ribbons for yer hair

And maids tae answer tae ye ca’ how could ye wish for Mair

O bonnie lassie, think o me; my lands stretch far and wide.
I’ve gowd in banks; I’ve ships at sea, sae will ye be my bride?
My faither left me lairdships twa, a hoose at my command,
And I’ll mak ye lady oer them a’ if ye’ll gie me yer hand.

I flung aside my lowland coat, kamed doon my yella hair,
Cried leeze me on, leal bonnie Bess; we meet tae pairt nae mair.
Nae langer Donald o the glen, I’m laird ayont the Dee,
And a hairt that proved thee forrit syne, I’ll aye prove true to thee.

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