Farewell Tae The Haven ( D. Steele.)

I’m leaving the fishin’, the life I have known
The battle with nature that nobody won
For the fish stocks are dwindlin’ and the shoals hard to find
I’m leaving the fishin’, I’ve made up my mind


Farewell tae the Haven
My heart it is sad
The drifters I’m leavin’
Tae work on the land

My faither worked drifters, my grandfaither tae
Ma brother’s a skipper on the Elena Mae
And I worked at the fishin’, just as soon as I could
So leavin’s no easy, the sea’s in my blood

I’ll miss the wee boats though, my thoughts are there yet
Wi’ the lads on the Jeannie, haulin’ the nets
We worked hard together, we laughed hard as well
Cursin’ the weather and ridin’ the swell

I’ll work in the wire mill, it’s a good job, they say
I’ll start and I’ll finish the same time every day
The money is constant and my wife she seems pleased
But I’ll miss the fishin’ and I’ll miss the sea

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