Trooper And The Maid. (Trad.)


Lassie, Ill lie near you yet,
Bonnie lassie, I’ll lie near ye,
And I’ll gar all your ribbons reel
In the morning eer I’ll leave ye

A soldier lad came here at night
With riding he was weary,
A trooper lad came here at night,
When the moon shone bright and clearly

  • She’ Taken his good horse by the head
  • An led him to the stable
  • He’s given corn and hay tae eat
  • As much as he was able

She’s taken the trooper by the hand
And led him to her chamber
She’s given him a stoop o’ wine to drink
And his love it flared like tinder

She’s made her bed both long and wide
And made it like a lady
She’s taken her coatie over her head
Saying trooper are you ready

  • He’s taken off his belted coat
  • Likewise his hat and feather
  • He’s leaned his sword against the door
  • and now he’s Doon beside her

They hadn’t been, but an hour in bed,
But an hour at a quarter,
When drums came beating down the street
And every beat was shorter

  • It’s up up up our colonel cried
  • It’s up up up and away then
  • I’ts up up up our colonel cried
  • The morn’ our battle day then

Shes taken her coatie over her head,
And followed him up to Stirling
She grown sae fu and she couldn’t a boo,
And they left her in Dunferniline

  • It’s when will you come back again
  • My Ain dear soldier laddie
  • When will you come back again
  • And be your bairnie’s daddy

Oh’ hud yer tongue my bonnie wee lass
Ne’re let this parting grieve ye,
When heather cows grow oxen bows,
Bonnie lass I’ll come and see you

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