Hush Hush (Trad)


  • Hush, hush, time tae be sleepin
    Hush, hush, dreams come a-creepin
    Dreams of peace and of freedom,
    So smile in your sleep, bonny baby

    Where stands our proud Highland mettle 
    Our men, once sae feared in battle
    Now stand, cowed, huddled like cattle
    Await tae be shipped o’er the ocean

    Oh, we stood with our heads bowed in prayer
    while factors laid our cottages bare
    The flames fired the clear mountain air
    and many were dead in the mornin.

    Nae use pleading’ or grieving’ 
  • Now gone. gone, all hopes of stayin’
    Hush hush, now. The anchor’s a-weighin’
    Don’t cry in your sleep, bonny baby

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