Are You Sleeping Maggie (Trad.)

O, mirk and rainy is the nicht,
There’s no’ a star in a’ the cairey.
Lightning gleams across the sky
And winds they blow wi’ winters fury.

O, are ye sleeping, Maggie?
O, are ye sleeping, Maggie?
Let me in, for loud the linn
Is roarin’ ower the warlock’s craigie.

Fearfu’ saughs the boortree bank,
The rifted wood roars wild and dreary.
Loud the iron yett does clank,
And cries o’ howlets mak’ me eerie.

Abune ma breath, I daurnae speak,
For fear I rouse your wakeful daddy.
Cauld’s the blast upon my cheek,
O rise, O rise my bonnie lassie.

Well, she’s ope’d the door; she’s let him in.
He’s cuist aside his dreepin’ plaidie.
Ye can blaw your worst, ye winds and rain,
Since, Maggie, noo I’m here aside ye.

O, noo that you’re waukened, Maggie,
O, noo that you’re waukened, Maggie,
What care I for howlet’s cry,
For roarin’ linn or warlock’s craigie?

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