Rolling Home To Caledonia. (Trad)

Up aloft amidst the riggin 

Sings each fresh exalting gale

Strong as springtime in the blossom

Filling out each flowing sail

And the wild waves left behind us

Seem to murmur as they flow

Tender hearts are there to greet you

In the land to which we go


Rolling home rolling home

Rolling home across the sea

Rolling home to Caledonia 

Rolling home dear land to thee


Like a thousand miles behind us 

And a thousand miles from home

Ancient ocean heave’s to bare us 

to that well remembered shore

And fresh breezes waft to guild us

To our childhood native skies

To the glow of friendly faces

And the beam of loving eye’s


Sailing eastward ever eastward

To the dawning of the morn

Sailing homeward ever homeward

To the land where we where born

And we’ll join in joyous chorus

Through the watches of the nights

For we’ll see shores of Scotland 

By the dawning of the light