Embo’s Golden Shore (Colin McKenzie)

Twas on the 16th of July in 1988

That Embo did declare itself an independent state

And the peopled came from miles around by the dozen and the score

To watch the rollers gently break on embo’s golden shores


On Embo’s golden shore me boys 

On Embo’s golden shore

We’ll watch the rollers gently break 

On Embo’s golden shore


To enter this new fledgling state a visa was required

For Embo gained it’s freedom then without a shot been fired

Twas not Whithall’s stately rooms they played their power game’s

but in the cosy backroom bar in Granny’s Heiland Hame


I’ve travelled many’s a weary mile and seen strange foreign lands 

I’ve seen the snowy mountains and I’ve wondered through the glens

But then I came by Dornoch town far famed in days of yore

And I watched the rollers gently break on Embo’s golden shore