Haul Away

Haul away. (words and music D. Gilfillan.)


Haul away haul away steady as we go

It’s a hard way to earn your pay

Breaking your back to haul in the catch

It’s haul away haul away 


It’s a man’s job you know and you’ll learn as you go 

The lessons you’ll never forget

For there’s no place to cower when the weather turns sour

And your working the dark rolling deck


It’s old Danny’s last trip he’s calling it quits

It’s his last time out with the crew

Thou the seas in his veins his body’s in pain

Nothing else for an old man to do


My grandad was a fisherman so was my dad

I’ve spent my life working the sea

My laddies no keen say’s it’s no his scene

Just the way that things seem to be


It was hard in the past but it’s just as hard noo

We remember the days gone bye

But the fish are near gone thou we’re still fishing on

We’ll be hauling these nets till we die.

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