Rosslyn (words and music D.Gilfillan)



If you don’t believe Di Vinci come along and I’ll convince ye

I’ll tell you o’ some history that will thrill ye ta the bone

There’s Celtic christian, pagan rites, there’s masons and their’s Templar knights

Come to Rosslyn chapel for it’s written there in stone


It’s a fascinating engagement to be told of things so ancient

Laid out in fine arrangement come along and have a look

You can do it at a saunter as around the place ye wander

It will make you think and ponder, someone should write a book !!


There are green men growing old as the seasons do unfold

Telling stories yet untold make of it what you wish

There are theory’s written of the craft some that are plainly daft 

Other’s that will make you laugh, most of them are rubbish


You may think it all authentic or you may be a sceptic

Or simply enjoy the rhetoric in tales of days gone by

You may seek the holy grail and your hotfoot on it’s trail

And your thinking you may prevail, well at least you can give it a try


Here’s something I mistook cause if you care to look

They’re selling Dan Browns book in the shop at Rosslyn Chapel

His writing was a sin It’s enough to make you grin

By Christ they’re packing the tourist in, so blasphemy nae hassle 


There are Europeans and Asians and folk from every nation

Chinese and Japanese stand beneath the roof of stars

There are upset theologians, Gregorians and historians

Some of them Singaporeans, there’s bus loads coming frae Mars


So you’ve read it in the papers about the Rosslyn capers

Scrolls and secret chambers hidden somewhere underground

It’s a repository full of Allegory covering each and every category

I state it categorically “There’s secrets still to be found” 


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