Some Hae Meat. (Burns. Ian Walker.)

Some hae meat and cannae eat
Some would eat that want it
But we hae meat and we can eat
So let the Lord be thankit

From my armchair window on this world
Before my eyes appearing
Food for breakfast dinner, tea
And in between meals feeding

From my armchair window on this world
I see butter mountains rising
Fish thrown back into the sea
And leaders compromising

And then I see one bowl of rice
And a child’s eyes staring at me
With feeble bones life never owned
Reaching out to touch me

Just down the road a million miles
Our children they are crying
Too weak to eat they’ve got no meat
They spend their living dying

The ill divisions of this world
Exist because we let them
The choice is ours ‘tween need and greed
To help or just forget them

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