Burghead Sands. (Gordon Menzies)

Come again, come again ye Burghead men
And sail wi’ the mornin’ tide
Come again, come again through the wind and the rain
To the place where you’ll always bide


And you know when you stand on the Burghead sand

Thou the years be ten times ten
You’ll aye be a slave to the ocean wave
Till your back on the sea once again

When the fishing’s done, the harvest won
Make good your boats guide
Tae the harbour gate, where the woman wait
Till you’re safely by their side

Born in the lee of the great North Sea
Where the weepin’ willows lapped
Married at birth to the Moray Firth
And the deck o’ a fishin’ craft

Come again, come again ye Burghead men
Tae the Broch where you’ll aye belong
To the Dewar’s Well the Claive’s smell
And the Oyster catchers song

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