Mormond Braes

Fare thee well, ye Mormond Braes
Whaur oft times I’ve been cheery
Fare thee well, ye Mormond Braes
For it’s there I lost my dearie

As I went in by Strichen Toon
I heard a fair maid mourning
She was makin’ sair complaint
For her true love ne’er returnin’

There’s as good fish in tae the sea
As ever yet were taken
I’ll cast ma nets and try again
For I’m only once forsaken

There’s many a horse has sipped an’ fell
An’ risen again right early
There’s many a lass has lost her lad
And got another right rarely

So I’ll put on my gown of green
It’s a forsaken token
And that will let the young lads know
That the bonds of love are broken

I’ll gang back to Strichen toon
Where I was bred and born in
And I will get another young lass
Tae marry me in the morning

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