McPhersons Rant.

Fareweel ye dungeons dark an’ strong
Farewell, farewell to thee;
McPherson’s time will no be long
Below than gallows tree I’ll hing

It wis by a woman’s treacherous hand
‘at I wis condemned to dee
Below a ledge a windoe she stood
Then a blanket she threw ower me

Chorus (after each verse):
So rantinly, sae wantonly and sae dauntinly went he
He played a tune then he danced aroon below the gallows tree.

untie these bans fae around my hands
An’ gae bring to me my sword
For there’s no a man in all Scotland
But’|l brave him at his word.

There’s some cam’ here to see me hang’t
An’ some to buy my fiddle
But before ‘at I do part wi’ her
l’ll break her through the middle.

He took the fiddle into both of his hands

An’he broke it over a stone,
Says he, “There’s no anither han’ll play on thee
When I am dead and gone.”

The reprieve wis comin’ o’er the Brig o’ Banff
For tae let McPherson free
When they put the clock a quarter before
Then hanged him to the tree.

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