Joseph Baker (Peter Coe)


Ye sporting men of chester I’ll have you all to hear
Of a man called Joseph Baker who lived near Delamere
He ran faster than the old red fox futher than the hound
Of all the men who challanged him no equal could be found

He rose up every morning before the day was clear
And through the shady forest pursued the royal dear
He races the wind across the field the mist right up the hill
And he raced the dust along the road an the stream down to the hill


Now sportsmen came from far and near to challanged Bakers Speed
In every race, in every way, they swore to do that deed
A soldier came from Frodsham, a wedger came from Sale
A sailor came from Birkenhead, a butcher came from Hale


He was never beaten until that fateful day
When death at last defeated him and took his breath away
But if you should watch on a winter’s night you’ll see him running still
As his ghost runs down from Kelsall church right up to Helsby Hill

Double Chorus.

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