Waltzing’s for Dreamers. (Richard Thompson)

Oh play me a blue song and fade down the light
I’m sad as a proud man can be sad tonight
Just let me dream on, Oh just let me sway
While the sweet violins and the saxophones play
And Miss, you don’t know me, but can’t we pretend
That we care for each other, till the band reach the end


One step for aching, and two steps for breaking
Waltzing’s for dreamers and losers in love
One step for sighing and two steps for crying
Waltzing’s for dreamers and losers in love

Now they say love’s for gamblers, Oh the pendulum swings
I bet hard on love and I lost everything So don’t send me home now, 
Put a shot in my arm and we’ll drink out old memories 
And we’ll drink in the dawn and Mr Bandleader won’t you play one more time
For I’ve good folding money in this pocket of mine


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