Harry Brewer. (Nick Burbridge. )


Where are you now Harry Brewer
You’re lying in some dirty hole
With the sun beating down on the old battle ground
May God give rest to your soul

It was Kingstown in 1916 you enlisted to fight for the King
And you all sailed away on a morning in May and that was the last you were seen
For they threw you into battle like dogs on Salonika’s shore
With thousands of Huns with their rattling guns
Made you march through the battery’s roar

There are officers safe in the barracks and the medics installed by the beds
While the poor fools of war get cut down by the score and the blood flows out of their heads
Ah but they gave you a fine decoration for serving the cause of their nation
And all that you cost was a wee silver cross and your name on a stone by the station

Back home where your family were grieving there were others fighting for freedom
On the post office steps with their heads held erect they went down for a cause they believed in
They’ll not fight for the few that have used them they’ll fight for the crew that abuse them
They’ll hold their ground for a land of their own and nobody’s going to refuse them

So here’s to you now Harry Brewer I’m not saying you could have known better
There were thousands like you who sailed over the brew and came back in a government letter
There are hundreds who’ll beat on the drums and thousands who carried the guns
But if you must die at all sure tis better to fall for the right to hand down to your son

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