Sonny’s Dream. (Ron Hynes)


Sonny, don’t go away, I am here all alone
And your daddy’s a sailor who never comes home
And the nights are so long and the silence goes on
And I’m feelin’ so tired, I’m not all that strong

Sonny lives on a farm in a wide open space
Kick off your shoe’s son and let go the race
And you can lay down your head by a sweet river bed
Sonny always remembers what it was his mama said

Sonny works on the land, though he’s barely a man
There ain’t much to do, yet he does what he can
Sits by the window on his room on the stairs
The waves washing over the pier.

It’s a hundred miles to town, Sonny’s never been there
He goes to the highway and stands there and stares
And the mailman comes round every evening at four
Telling Sonny stories of silver and gold

Many years have gone by, Sonny’s old and alone
His daddy’s a sailor who never came home
Sometimes he wonders what his life might have been
But from the grave mama still haunt’s his dreams

One Reply to “Sonny’s Dream. (Ron Hynes)”

  1. A very nice song I learnt from Long Road Disc 3.
    I would like to here it, when you are in Extertal / Brosen on April 20th 2024.
    Keep safe.
    Best regards,

    Last time seen you was in Exter November 2022.

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